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and so much more. >> there are a lot of worried residents and business owners tonight in alexandria. >> whenever there is a storm this is always a problem spot, old town alexandria. take a look, it is still within its banks and we are told it is about 2 feet below flood stage right now. the potomac river reached high tide this evening and despite several instances of rain throughout the day it remained well within its banks. so many alexandria residents and owners were worried about the impact. >> it seemed pretty scary with all the storms combining. >> several residents braved the wind, cold, and rain to see if the river would begin to flood as it did during hurricane isabel. >> we don't know what is going to happen later on. >> tonight they are fairly confident they have dodged a bullet. >> from late monday afternoon and through the night, the storm pounded this area with relentless show worse. elsewhere the wind knocked down trees and knocked out power to hundreds of alexandria residents. even if the water does not flood the streets, sandy has left its mark. i should point out th
for the latest track. >> it is wind and rainy and in old town alexandria. there is a bigger concern in these parts. anncr: which do you believe? what mitt romney's tv ads say about women? or what mitt romney himself says? mitt romney: do i believe the supreme court... should overturn roe v. wade? yes. and it would be my preference that they, that they... reverse roe v. wade. hopefully reverse roe v. wade. overturn roe v. wadede. planned parenthood, we're going to get rid of that. i'll cut off funding to planned parenthood. anncr: no matter what mitt romney's ads sayay. we know what he'll do. president obama: i i barack kobama and... i approve this message. ikmillion dollars for maryland one hundred schools.ty... question seven w will double i. rushern baker: question seven will add table games and... a new casino, generating llions of dolls... every year, without raising taxes. leggett: and audits will ensure the money goes... where it's supposed to. more jobs, and millions for schools. baker: question seven will be good for our kids... our teachers, and our schools. leggett: keep
above the stage, for the potomac. in alexandria, you have the urge-- tidal surge tide. high for triggered treating, it will but chilly. -put faugh- for trick or treating, it will be in the 40's. >> residents of new jersey are working to recover. a huge swell of water hit after e broke. had been evacuated. in national guard brought in people to a staging area. towns were under four-5 feet of water in 30 minutes. the massive damage in queens, york, after more than 80 last night. fire 200 firefighters worked to the flames under control, but the it tough for them close enough. at least two hurt and they say started by downed wires and high winds. still ahead, the rain and gone, but to the west -- snow. much of the mountains getting. >> from the west to the east, see what ocean city like the day after. >> alexandria is looking like ocea >> as people start to clean up, concerned about new in their neighborhoods. >> kendis gibson is in old town in alexandria. gordon and maureen, this just came up in the last hour and a half. wating this coming and high tide is not even few hours ye
for thought. one year ago we had the october 29th snowstorm snow-tober. live from alexandria, richard reeve, abc 7 news. >> now to a developing story out of alexandria. one man is dead and police are on the hunt for his killer. as roz plater reports they have one thing working in their favor. >> this is what people who live in the normally quiet neighborhood woke up to. fairfax county police everywhere. multiple evidence markers and word that a homicide had occurred. it collects a homicide? that's crazy. -- >> a homicide? that just does not happen out here. >> it happened about two in the morning. they have identified the victim as 30-year-old mark ives. >> we have not identified any possible weapons. we are not sure exactly what killed mr. ives. >> they saw a trail of blood on the sidewalk leading up to the front of the house. he had recently moved here from florida with a girlfriend and this is a bit unsettling. >> this is the first time i remember this happen. this is a great neighborhood. it's a little shocking. >> this does not mean it's not a safe place. it's not like there is a madma
. >> we will take a look exit we are keeping an eye on all town alexandria, where the water was rising yesterday. >> john gonzalez joins us live with an update -- some flooding at this point? >> the good news this year -- morning in old town is that floodwaters have receded. the bad news is the potomac river is a block away the river is two to 3 feet higher. high tide is coming this morning, which is why many of the roads were closed. ucb caution tape and the barriers. -- you see the caution tape and barriers. this came as quite a surprise yesterday. high tide was around 9:00 in the evening. the entire area, low-lying streets were under two to 3 feet of water. some folks said they came down to dinner at the restaurants here and everything seemed fine but when they left the restaurant everything was under water and many businesses were caught off guard. during the height of the strong, nothing happened. it seemed like the area would be scared a serious weather. these are low-lying areas prone to flooding in the old town alexandria, underwater several times over the past few years. count
alexandria. ken can be westbound it's good to see you warm and dry. >> reporter: are you guys talking about candy? i have something sweet for pup check this out. take a look up king street. nothing happened out here. everybody was prepared for sort of this doomsday storm to come along king street and rip into some of these storefronts, flood the area out, this is a notorious area for flooding, anybody who knows this area, you know that this is the first place to get filled with water any time a significant weather event comes alodge. thankfully, this was not the case. it's safe to say this part of old alexandria came out unscathed. these are the markers that have been carve intootd cement here. that is an area that's no strange a tore flooding. these are what the markers are for. but it didn't even register on the very bottom one. this is good news for the people who live and work in this area. as we've seen with prior hurricane and storms, this area gets ripped apart when the water from the potomac river comes over the street. back to the candy talk, ladies. >> nobody is laughing if they h
alexandria have endured a long night because of the rising water. thomas live in old town to update the situation. >> it has been rough throughout the night in old town alexandria. the worry is that we may never be done with this because of more high tide's coming up. it was expected that the water would get up to the nine level. fortunately, it was to 7 at the worst. residents said that this was the worst flooding they have seen in the old town in years. we still have a lot of flood waters here, but much of it has receded over the last couple of hours. still, they are concerned because there is a high tide tomorrow and a high tide on thursday that a spokesperson for the city tells me they are keeping a close eye on. they tell me the flooding could be as better potentially worse than tonight. the city of alexandria is giving out sandbags to businesses here long king street. the water actually gone up and would have gone into the business because it got to about here. because of the sandbags, i am looking inside and is bone dry. so the water did not make its way in. the concern is co
more rain drops come in. we'll talk about that coming up. >>> an alexandria man makes a startling discovery, to say the least, early this morning. a dead body outside his home. news4's derrick ward spoke to police about what led to the murder. >> reporter: a quiet neighborhood in alexandria, an idyllic fall scene in suburbia, but the predawn darkness brought a real horror to this community, a homeowner awakens to find a man dead on his doorstep. police were called with a report of some sort of disturbance. >> we received a call this morning around 2:00 in the morning where our victim was found in the 5400 block of broadmoor street in the alexandria area. >> reporter: police identified the victim as 30-year-old mark earl ives. there's not a lot of information about the cause of debt. >> trauma to the upper body is the death i can tell you. >> reporter: sources tell news4 the victim appeared to have a wound to his head. police say they do not believe there's a cause for concern among others in the community. >> our early investigation, we believe that the suspect in this case is act
. with what is being done to prepare their, john gonzalez. >> talk of potential record flooding in alexandria they become very nervous. it and put on the sand bags and move the furniture. there's a man securing his vote. there's only so much you can do. today the potomac river looks column but that can change drastically in a few days. sandy doesn't seem to be losing much steam and is headed our way on a collision course steam in the northeast. an ingredient for the perfect storm. >> is really blowing up the river. it could cause a lot of problems. >> it has already claimed 29 lives, more than 10 in cuba along, including a four-month- old boy. this man says the hurricane was a very big and i have never seen anything like it in my 54 years. flooding is almost a way of life for the businesses here in old town alexandria. but this hurricane has people more concerned than usual. >> we are going to take things to storage. san bagging last time did not do much of anything. >> merchants and property owners have already put sandbags on a standby. the atomic jumping its banks -- the potomac river jump
alexandria. >> part of keen street behind me is fine. but look what happened to other parts, under water tonight and it has been under water for hours. you're looking at a block from where the potomac river usually is. it overflowed its banks tonight. you see what happened. what a difference television makes. a few feet lower for me to flooding. the water got to about here. but the sand bags helped keep the water from coming in. a lot of folks around here are a little nervous because this may not be over. businesses on king street had to act quickly. businesses near the potomac were already under water and things were getting worse as. >> we came back out and we were, like, holy smokes. >> within 15 minutes, we saw over take both sides of the sidewalk. 50 minutes later, it had overtaken the other side of the street. -- 15 minutes later, it had overtaken the other side of the street. >> alexandria's not the only place dealing with flooding. >> it is crazy to see this. >> floodwaters rushing over a streets and upper marlboro. >> i have never seen it this far under water. >> plenty of peopl
still remains. ko im is in alexandria live with a report on conditions there. ko? >> reporter: good afternoon, jc. what a treat for people here on king street at high tide this morning. no water came up and no need, no major need for these sandbags. the roads are reopened. the barricades put away for now. sunlight peeked through clouds and birds took to the sky, welcome sights in old town, alexandria saying goodbye to superstorm sandy. this colorado woman is relieved. >> don't want to do it again. >> reporter: just puddles this morning on king street as residents waited to see what high tide would bring. so far at 10:00 nothing to report. and so the sandbags were shhoed away. high tide does return late tonight. as far as we know, halloween trick-or-treating should go smoothly here in alexandria, but emergency management officials are continuing to closely monitor the situation. we're live in old town alexandria, ko im, 9news. back to you. >> thank you, ko. >>> the monocacy river in frederick county, maryland continues to show force. sky 9 is giving us a bird's eye view of just how h
. >>> in alexandria tonight, a spike in sex assaults against women out walking alone. the latest happened late last night near the intersection of van doren street and courtney avenue. two other women were assaulted in recent weeks. the attacks are growing increasingly violent, as richard jordan reports. >> reporter: when a woman was attacked last night, police say the area was likely dark and des oh late. >> usually after 9:00 here, it's almost closed. >> reporter: alexandria police say the 20-year-old got off a bus at 11:30 on eisenhower and van doren. a short walk later up the street to courtney avenue, that's where the victim was caught offguard by a strange man. she says she believes he's hispanic. >> he demanded money. when she said she had no money, he pulled her into the bushes where he sexually assaulted. >> reporter: it has some women in the area on edge. >> i'm worried about it. i didn't expect from this area like this. >> reporter: that concern is growing, because alexandria police are now investigating three attacks on women just within the past month. this one, the most violent, but d
to sandy. some businesses forced to shut down last night. melanie alnwick is live in alexandria with the latest. >> good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are down to dry pavement for the most part here at king an upstreets in old town alexandria. just a few puddles left here. the flooding yesterday described pretty much as minor. there is still a coastal flood warning in effect for areas along the potomac, for d.c., for parts of fairfax county south of here and as well as across the river in prince george's county. that in effect until 2:00 p.m. friday. in montgomery county, the potomac river is expected to crest about 7 inches above flood stage sometime early this evening. here in old town town, all eyes are going to be on high tide this morning and also tomorrow morning. they are used to this in old town alexandria and while they certainly braced for the worsted intoing of historic proportions, the water really only came up a few teat submerging the lower part of king and union streets. once the wind and rain stopped, the businesses that could open did. there were plenty
't get the flooding that was expected, a threat still remains. >> ko im is live in alexandria with the conditns there. good morning, ko. >> reporter: good morning, matt and andrea. old town is located on the west bank of the potomac. it is expected to flood tonight. maybe even crest a couple feet above water. dr alexandria was able to escape major flooding issues. we did see some minor flooding monday and we saw how high the water can get yesterday morning around high tide. if you haven't prepared already, we want to show you this is an example to follow. this clothing store in downtown old town alexandria has put up some plastic right in front of the door. this is the way to do it. stack these sandbags so that if you can, they're staggered. there's no gaps in between. of course lay them flood so that they don't fall over. so this is pretty sturdy and hopefully the store won't see any water dampen some of the clothes inside. as far as history, we could see the potomac here rise to the highest water levels since 1996. it could go down in the books as one of the top five water l
. thank you both. >>> we want to head to old town, alexandria in northern virginia where karen gray houston is standing by. typically in storms like this we start to see flooding there. what's the situation? >> reporter: we are here because this area is prone to flooding and you can tell that by what some merchants are doing. this starbucks is doing what everybody always does. they've got sandbags in the windows and doors to keep water out, but so far the water is nowhere in sight. the wind is becoming the real story here tonight and you can tell this sign here that shows what shops are in the area, the wind was strong enough to topple that sign over. now to talk a little more about the flooding, i've got some video we want to show you we shot a few minutes ago, darrell brown, our photographer, that shows you the marina right around the corner, the waterfront marina. the boats that are anchored there were doing fine. they look okay. it's very calm on the potomac. the river seems fine. it is not at the point of overflowing. now the wind is the problem and we understand that there ar
for alexandria where jessica doyle is. there's one at 8:45 and 9:00 p.m. tonight. those will be the critical times because we have coastal flood warnings 1 to 3 feet above normal high tides. a full an also. that's exacerbating things a little bit. this storm is not going up the west side of the chesapeake. if it were going up the west side of the chesapeake like isabel, it would be a lot worse than that. we'll give you the day planner and get into everything else that's going on with this severe weather alert 567891 by noon -- alert. 51 by noon. winds north, northwest 20 to 40. by later this afternoon they'll be gusting in the 50 to 60 mile range. right now it's still relatively calm. you've got a little bit of time to take some precautions still. maybe clear any leaves out of the drains. warnings up and down from the virginia-north carolina coast all the way up to maine. hurricane force wind warnings, marine storm warnings. consider them the same as tropical storm and hurricane warnings at this point. you can see what's going on from really the virginia- maryland border here north including
river and the snow further to our west starts to melt. 9news reporter ko im is live in alexandria where preparations are under way. good morning, ko. >> reporter: good morning, matt and andrea. we have to remember again that today is halloween. right now we're not seeing any rain, maybe a light breeze if anything. kids will be waking up and going to school in alexandria. people will be going to work likely. but they probably won't be trick or treating here late tonight and that's because this road on king and south union streets will be closed. as howard mentioned, the potomac could crest a couple feet above water so we're keeping an eye on this marker right here in front of the torpedo factory. we got some video yesterday of people getting free sandbags from the city of alexandria to try and prepare for these persistent flooding issues. the mayor told me yesterday that they're going to be monitoring the situation for the next couple of days. the flood warning is in place until 2:00 p.m. friday afternoon. if you come take a walk with me on south union streets, yesterday this was flooded
outages. live team coverage continues with john gonzalez in alexandria. >> perhaps a small taste of what's to come. it's raining in alexandria, virginia. pepco has already been in contact with a number of utility companies across the middle atlantic, securing 400 contractors. we know what happens with these storms. in low-lying areas like old town alexandria, the concern is how aggressive the potomac will get. the powerful storm already pounded the caribbean, leaving 21 dead. sandy appears to be losing steam as it heads our way. there's a winter storm brewing in the northeast as well, the ingredients of a super storm. residents in old town alexandria have sandbags on standby. >> any time something like this happens, we lose a lot of money. >> locals were about erosion and widespread damage. >> i hate to see it all disappear. >> power outages and massive flooding are on everyone's mind. pepco crews are expecting lines in college park. and d.c. water said crews to clear the sewers and the drains. >> i'm concerned about my children. my son is on another street and my daughter is in another
. this is a live picture of alexandria of the rain coming down. the win is ok right now, but it will be picking up a anncr: it's said that character is what we do... when we think no one is looking. mitt romney: believe that they are victims. anncr: mitt romney thought no one was looking when... he attacked forty-seven percent of americans. his companies shipped jobs overseas. his plan cuts millionaires' taxes, but raises yours. he'll voucherize medicare... and make catastrophic cuts to education. so remember what romney said... and what his plan would do. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> obviously, all of us across the county are concerned about the potential impact of hurricane sandy. this is a serious and big storm. >> president obama urging everyone in the path of the storm to take the message of precaution, to stay safe. good morning, washington. it's monday, october 29. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. we are bringing you live team coverage all day long. it cont
? >> officials in alexandria expect [ mitt romney ] there a two very different paths the country cry take. one is a path represented by the president, which, at the end of four years, it'd mean we'd have t$20 trillion in debt. i'll get people back to work with 12 million new jobs. i'm gonna make sure that we get people off of food stamps ot by cutting the program but by getting them good jobs. i'll work with you. i'll lead you in an open and honest way and to make sure that we all together maintain america as the hope of the earth. i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message. >> some areas did not fled immediately, but that does not mean it's not the case now. >> kendis gibson is live in old town alexandria where he is watching the water rise. clucks of rising quickly around us and we will have to move after this live report. this has been incredible. when we did our last live shot and there was no water in these streets. this has come up in the last hour and we are still three-four hours from high tide. the water is already spreading up king street, one full block from where th
in alexandria and it's all thanks to one woman who became alarmed by what she saw on her window sill. i'm peggy fox, the story coming up. too many americans are struggling to find work in today's economy. too many of those who are working are living paycheck to paycheck trying to make falling incomes meet rising prices for food and gas. more americans are living in poverty than when president obama took office and fifteen million more are on food stamps. president obama and i both care about poor and middle-class families. the difference is my policies will make things better for them. we shouldn't measure compassion by how many people are on welfare. we should measure compassion by how many people are able to get off welfare and get a good paying job. my plan will create twelve million new jobs over the next four years helping lift families out of poverty and strengthening the middle-class. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message because we can't afford another four years like the last four years. ♪ >>> that film mocking the prophet muhammad is stirring up even more controversy tonight. i
in alexandria. it is a place that floods often and jummy olabanji is there now. afternoonnews this flooding has not started here in old town alexandria. we just spoke with the mayor's and they say they are prepping for this. you walk the streets of old e king street and street, they have and windows boarded up and businesses are prepared come later to tonight. the other piece of good news is not seen too many people out here on the street. few this morning finishing up their errands. businesses closed around 10:00 this morning. residents who live in the old area say they are used to and they are but theyeady for that preparing for the fact that they will probably lose power. achile. a big pot we can cook and eat things up on the fireplace. >> we have been seeing officials and the fire department police department in alexandria around the streets them havee none of any flooding. there are no street closures so far. stay away from the old town area ofause they expect some these roadways will flood. service a new emergency number you can call. that is for folks in the city 703-746-help. is and we
further notice. >> lots of schools closed this morning in virginia, alexandria, arlington, fairfax, falls church city, and loudoun county schools are closed. also manassas city, manassas park, stafford city and spotsylvania schools as well. in maryland, prince george's county, montgomery, and howard county schools are closed. >> as are anne arundel, charles, and frederick counties. you can find a complete list of schools running at the bottom of your screen as well as online at >> all of this because of the weather that rolled through yesterday. tom kierein keeping an eye on developments. what are we seeing now? >>> thankfully, the storm is winding down for us. we still have moderate showers coming tregion, and it is snowing now. garrett county, western maryland. frostburg has snow on the ground. parts of eastern and southern west virginia. all this area in white on storm team 4 radar. meanwhile farther east in the form of rain. getting a few moderate views in washington. these areas in yellow and orange and fairfax county. just to the west of 95 down to prince william
at the regular time tomorrow. think of old town alexandria or georgetown when we talk about the storm surge and the flooding. in fact we have a crew watching high tide in old town right now. >> they are also playing very close attention to the river up in frederick. that's where our ryan dean is live monitoring the flooding there. ryan? >> reporter: good evening to you. actually a trail that goes down to the river, this trail has been cut off because the river has spilled out of its bank. to give you an idea. those trees down there, the river is supposed to be ten feet passed that. now it has gushed over its bank and it's creeping towards the historic battlefield and mill run by the national park service has water almost touching it. this is the worst it will get, because the river will crest and start receding in about an hour. right now it's at 21 feet, 6 feet above flood stage. i'm told by locals only a few homes are along the river. we received this photo from a homeowner that lives near the park. but for the most part, the home we saw are keeping dry. that park i mentioned is underwat
takes a new, slow, but i opening journey. -- eye-opening journey. >> a sex assault in alexandria. how one community is trying to stay safe. >> and frightening attack in alexandria has police and women on alert. this all began when the attacker tried to rob women, but police said it turned far more violent. this happened late last night near the intersection of van dorn street and courtney avenue. >> a lot of folks talking about this. this overpass, and very popular among walkers. a lot of folks use decide what to walk from the local metro station. a neighborhood nearby is especially concerned about this. the attack here along busy van dorn street near courtney avenue. >> it is so close to the metro. >> the victim was walking north on eisenhower avenue around 11:30 thursday night. she was confronted by a man with a knife. it got worse. when the woman told the man she had no money he forced her over this guardrail to these bushes and sexually assaulting her. >> it is not very well taken care of. >> this overpass is a popular pedestrian area. there is concern about the assault. >> the ne
station, this is news 4 at 11:00. >> right now, at 11:00, high drama during high tide in alexandria, rising water raising fear of more damage after sandy. >> across the area, roads are still under water. th thousands of people still in the dark. neighborhoods still picking up the pieces. >> devastation over much of the east coast. homes have been ripped from their foundations. >> sandy was a historic storm. the death toll risen to 46 now in the u.s. tonight, more than 8 million are without power. the jersey shore and new york city among the hardest hit. >> we begin, though, to tell us where sandy is, doug? >> sandy is still right on top of us. this storm is not going anywhere soon. the good news, here, though, is sandy has weakened dramatically. so we are no longer seeing those fierce winds anywhere across the northeast. that is some very, very good news. we will continue to watch this storm as it's continuing to make its way very slowly toward the north and east. last night, moving at 38 miles an hour as it slammed into the coast. now, it is moving at just a few miles an hour and i
, we had that freak october snowstorm, snow-tober. in alexandria, richard reeves, abc 7 news. >> the pharmacy and link to the form of meningitis outbreak has issued a voluntary recall. it has killed seven people including one in maryland. they say 23 states are received the contaminated injections. >> now to a developing story in fairfax county where police are investigating a possible homicide. police responded to a call in franconia and they found the body of a 30-year-old mark ives from alexandria. we have more on this at 6:30 tonight. >> yesterday, a vigil was held for a missing teenager bryan glenn. he was supposed to play in his school's football game. there are pleased from his family for his safe return. they just want him back -- there were pleas. >> i saw one of his friends during the kickoff that he usually does. it was tough. >> there are a number of people around who are likely to have seen something. you may have been with him? >> defined his disappearance unusual. they do not believe he wasould run away. >> days ahead of the first and only vice presidential deb
overnight was in alexandria at the bottom of the screen and huntington avenue, south of the beltway. the road is open, but there's still some activity heading down from old town alexandria. you will see the activity, but it looks like you can get by in both directions. the beltway near university boulevard in silver spring, looks pretty good. some overnight roadwork, but if you stay to the right, no delays whatsoever. no problems on 95 northbound or southbound. there is overnight work in the clearing stages on both sides especially on the virginia side. no significant delays or other problems around the beltway. back to you. >> thank you. pedestrians struck by a vehicle in fairfax county. >> this happened before 2:00 this morning at richmond highway and huntington avenue. the victim was taken to the hospital. we don't know the condition. the driver remained on the scene. the crash is under investigation. d.c. police investigating a shooting before 12:30 this morning in the 1700 block of benning road in northeast. the victim was taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries. we do
in the huntington section of alexandria, virginia. some are breathing a sigh of relief for now. fairfax county police and fire have set up an emergency command post in the shopping center off huntington ave. there's rescue equipment trucks, and even a city bus used to assist those evacuated last night. more than 100 homes along cameron run in alexandria were forced to evacuate. about 125 homes. this is a low-lying area, very prone to flooding. there have been a number of serious flooding problems in recent years. many of the residence and spent thousands and thousands of dollars to repair their damaged basements. the water level got as high as 6 feet, which is right entry- level. the fire department did shut off power to much of the neighborhood during the height of the storm as a precaution. fortunately, we are told in no major flooding at this time. the water level at this morning at cameron run is at four feet but we are still getting a good amount of rainfall and wind. we are told the emergency staff fear will stay on the scene throughout the morning. reporting live in huntington, john gon
:00. residents at an alexandria management did on the he despite the cold temperatures. on in that now building. we discover the problem is not exclusive to alexandria. region got inthe contact with 7 on your side. a disturbing look at what we evening.s this case is a little different, and some would argue frankly.ous, quite this hirise behind the, the is home tose, seniors, who are more , andptible to cold weather get colder for the next nights. >> she told me yesterday when i to hershey said it was about 60. >> she says her 90-year-old mother complained of being cold much that she bought her a space heater. it is a critical plans that a residents thatly house feel like they to stave off the cold. >> it is very cold. >> the silver spring hirise for n on thehas yet to tur heat, despite recent dips to below 50 degrees. t> i had the oven on righ n see, and iu ca also have an electric radiator turned on. >> and that radiator is on all day, every day. problem is not isolated. the southern tower is home to thousands and alexandra. d on the heat tuesday after we aired a story about the issue. some ol
neighborhood. john joins us live. >> as we all know, the worried the low-lying of alexandria, va., have lucky over the past with storm damage. it appears that they have a major bullet. x county police, still postwith a mobile command set up. the county buses earlier, even e just ins out her case. quite frankly, it has been g all morning long. high tide was at 9:00 this morning. it was at about 6 feet during storm, right the at street level. evacuated and r were shut off as a precaution. spoke with one resident, a was asked to leave the monitor the tributary. >> income was far of the street. we did get filled up with canned and a can of gasoline. >> you can only imagine that was thinkingn luck was not on the side of , but it appears that things are changing for these residents. this afternoon the evacuation has been lifted. there is another high tide for alexandria and virginia, but right now the evacuation has been lifted. >> metro will resume its limited schedules service this assessing after by hurricane sandy. officials say that they will restore normal service levels but in the meantime b
in alexandria, one day after we investigated problems with several high-rise buildings. >> tell us what made the difference. >> a number of residents we spoke with, many of whom had to use space heaters of the last several days just to stay warm are happy that the heat is back on after 7 on your side stepped in. >> you need people to step up to the plate and speak on behalf of others who do not have a voice. >> at about noon, the heat at the southern towers apartments in alexandria was turned back on for the winter. the temperature had dipped into the high 40's or 50's over the last several nights. the conditions were very uncomfortable here, particularly in the morning. monday night, a property manager told us due to the system's eight, the heat is turned on in the fall and kept on until the spring. there are thousands of residents, and pleasing all of them can be difficult. tuesday afternoon after the heat went on, robin was relieved. >> hopefully everybody will be warm now. >> we should point out that facilities like this don't have to turn on the heat until october 15. >> today you did n
including d.c., alexandria and fairfax, prince george's, charles, frederick and montgomery county schools there. we see bruce johnson getting ready to talk to us from rehoboth. you can see the whole list of school closings at >> as you might imagine, all the flights at the local airports have been canceled until further notice, as has the vre, mark rail, amtrak train -- marc rail, amtrak trains and that's for tomorrow. we also know metro will not have service in the morning. they will reassess and decide later on when the subway and buses will start to run again, but as of now you should be at home. >> that's right. they're not going to make that decision to get them running again until they see what the weather brings. they are at the mercy of mother nature as they said. >> we all are, quite frankly, looking at some of the strongest winds beginning to move into the metro area. let's start with the wind gusts. so far we've had wind gusts 55 at national, down last hour to 51. don't let that fool you. winds will go up before they go down. wind gusts ocean city 47, boston 49,
stay on. thank you, dave. anita? >> now we go to alexandria where residents are no strangers to flooding. with the storm like this one people have been getting ready all day. matt jablow is in old town. >> reporter: the waters of the potomac have risen quite a bit causing some flooding on the streets of old town, but nothing, and i mean nothing compared to what we're expecting here over the next few days. >> all we can do is prepare. >> reporter: matt irving has been a server at the mai tai restaurant for the past three years. >> we've been preparing since friday. >> reporter: today he was a mover, moving everything, and i mean everything. >> tables, chairs, kitchen equipment. >> reporter: from the first floor of the restaurant to the second, in preparation for hurricane sandy. >> of course, we have to clear out the freezer and take it to another freezer. >> reporter: like many businesses near the water in old town alexandria, the restaurant has been flooded several times over the past few hours. the restaurant's management is taking no chances. the storm the size and strengt
alexandria know drill. -- businesses in old town alexandria know the drill. how is it looking? >> it is looking wet. it is getting pretty bad. area is under a high wind warning and a flood watch. this is one of the culprits, known to flood in this area. up to 10 inches of rain is expected in his rain -- in this area. this area will be under water by the time of this is over. the wind conditions in old town, watching these and trees blowing within hours, someple of good wind gusts. from the wind and rain made their way to alexandria, all eyes focused on two locations. potomac and the trees. at this irish pub on king street, workers were busy building a last minute line of defense. >> all we can do to get ready. away from theds potomac. most places are already closed. >> businesses were already decorated with sandbags and messages for sandy. most shops were closed today. exception of this maman and locals, there refute on the street. >>t feels very different. >> the wind and rain that is concern. what impact tropical storm force have on trees. >> we are concerned with the that t
. maryland 4 inches of rain and bowie 5 and fair fox 3 and alexandria 2 inches and gerrsrdstown4 inches. the heavy rain will taper off and the highest winds have come down but the highest yet to come overnight and very early on tuesday. back to you. >> all right. comprehensive warning of what to expect. >> but seeing the pictures in new york city you feel like we may have dodged a bullet. still, several streets had to be evacuated, folks on fen wick and arlington they were told back at 5:30 grab three days worth of stuff and get out. the power is shut off there. >>> debra has been in the neighborhood throughout the evening. did everybody go and move to a red cross shelter where you are now? >> reporter: actually not everyone did come to this shelter, but there are people -- we're at the lee district rec center. some people had friends they went to see or family they went to see in different parts but what happened is, what i want to show you why they need to get out. let's show this. you can see this body of water, that's the cameron run hunting creek. look at this, fen wick drive
tide is expected in alexandria later this morning. traveling around the country and overseas is a little bit harder in the wake of the superstorm. >> especially complicated on the eastern seaboard right now. fox's william la jeunesse takes a look at when people can expect relief. >> reporter: airlines, rail, shipping, public transportation in six major cities basically in lockdown. more than 16,000 flights canceled since sunday. and the number is rising. >> i think we're going to see more cancellations tomorrow and probably through friday until the airlines get their act back together. i'm not convinced that everyone is going to be able to get back where they're going until maybe five or seven days from now. >> reporter: washington, baltimore, philadelphia, boston airports all continue to report cancellation. >> as i was going through security, they canceled my second flight. as i got down to the gate for the third flight, they canceled it. >> reporter: because new york airports are international transit points, many passengers can not get in or out of europe. >> basically th
for the storm. news 4's northern virginia bureau chief julie carey joining us from alexandria now. hi, julie. >> reporter: just now a fine mist calling here. look how murky it is out on the potomac. you can see the white caps whipped up, and that sailboat has been rocking and banging into that pier. alexandria, arlington, falls church, fairfax county, all declared a local state of emergency today to help them better deal with whatever sandy brings. this was the long line of cars that formed at an alexandria middle school parking lot. the hot commodity here, sandbags. >> an ata to gw. >> caller: truckload after truckload hauled into this location in old town were carted off as soon as they could be delivered. >> we got a basement that floods every now and then so i want to make sure we've got sandbags to go around the basement. >> reporter: in the hunting done area, they know all about flooded basements because theirs have filled in several past storms. regs dents were prepping their property. generators on stand by, trash cans, bungeed together, and check out this window treatment. >> flywoo
're live with how virginia plans to ride out th >>> welcome back at 4:17. this is a live look at alexandria, virginia, where there's a particularly low lying area. they're sandbagging and water rising. we'll get a look at the low lying areas throughout the region today. >>> sandy is forcing hundreds of thousands of new yorkers from their homes as we speak, actually prior to now. police issued evacuation orders for more than 375,000 people living in low lying parts of new york city. the city also suspended subway and bus service for today, and the city schools, of course, are closed. >>> the jersey shore is also in sandy's sights. new jersey governor chris christie is warning residents there to prepare for the worst. >> i'm completely confident we'll be able to get through this and get through this well, but there are going to be some challenging moments over the course of the next 72 hours. people in new jersey are not strangers to challenge. so we're going to be challenged again. >> christie has ordered a state of emergency, and all public transportation in the state is suspended. >>> back
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message from amtrak outside of alexandria, virginia, that i couldn't get home from washington to chicago. i could have stayed in orlando. >> reporter: that's got to be very frustrating. >> it is frustrating and i'm missing halloween. so i'm un. what. >> reporter: tony murray -- i'm unhappy. >> reporter: and tony murray is not the only one. other passengers have been stranded here since sunday night waiting for word when amtrak will resume service. so you've been here two days with nothing to do. >> two days with nothing to, do walk to the door and see the rain and the wind and come back in and just make friends with people that are going through the same thing that i'm going through. >> reporter: both women said information was scarce. at national airport terminal c was nearly empty with the departure board showing just a few flights taking off this afternoon. most of them were going to warm weather climates. >> we're seeing airlines go back to very limited service today. at dulles international they received their first flight around 11:00 this morning and at national around 1 p.m.
neighborhood of alexandria removing trees. tisha thompson is live there with more on the progress they've made. tisha? >> reporter: you're seeing just piles of limbs. this is a former street light. they've managed to put a new light in here, but they have had eight houses that have had trees come through them just in alexandria city alone. and two of them were just yards away from each other. tree removal crews are working overtime along this stretch in alexandria. >> the tree hit and it was boom. it just shook the whole house. i actually jumpd under a little table, like that was going to do any good. >> reporter: peter said he asked his crew to come as soon as possible. in an effort to keep his home from being condemned. >> it's a five-ton tree, 55 feet tall and it was a healthy red oak. it just blew over, and was leaping on the house. when the city came, they said you've got to get this tree off or you can't live here. >> reporter: two houses down, his neighbor wasn't as lucky. >> i'm homeless. i'm a realtor and i have no home. >> reporter: her home has been condemned but she's still here to
dinner plans coming up. >> reporter: i'm andrea mccarren in alexandria with an update on one of the dogs seized from a suspected dogfighting operation. i'll have popeye's story next. >>> we continue to track a story we brought you only on 9 last month. authorities in the alexandria section of fairfax county seized nine dogs from a suspected dogfighting operation. our andrea mccarren returned to alexandria today and is here to give us an update, hopefully a good one. >> well, charges are still pending in the case, but today we had the chance to meet with one of the pitbulls rescued from that suspected dogfighting ring and learn about a system that failed him. >> reporter: this is popeye the pitbull, almost 14 years old and a veteran dogfighter. remarkably at least five different veterinarians treated his injuries over the years, yet none of them contacted authorities to report he was potentially being used to fight. >> a lot of them like popeye has got, you know, pieces missing from his ear or tongue. he has large scars on his body. so these are some of the telltale signs. >> reporter:
. jessica doyle is live from old town alexandria which is used to the flooding drill. jessica, howard says you can expect even more rain coming your way. >> reporter: absolutely. i'll tell you, andrea, it's really picking up. at least the rain has been picking up. i'm surprised that we haven't really seen the huge wind gusts just yet. but let me tell you they are coming. the expectations are that wind gusts along the potomac, boaters will understand this are expected at 55 knots today. what that means, if you're looking at the bowford scale, that's one scale of checking wind. if you're a boater, you understand a lot of this stuff. but to translate it into normal person language, that is gail frs woindz -- force winds. wind is going to abhuge problem in the washington area bringing down trees. we've been telling you this throughout the coverage. obviously power problems are expected but it's also going to cause more problems along the potomac as howard was telling us earlier in the day. at one point the winds were going in one direction pushing out water into the bay. at another point they'
at northern virginia. still too much color around the arlington alexandria, fairfax city of fairfax area but you know you will look and you will see these numbers right now indicate that -- in northern virginia, dominion is doing a lot better. a total on their complete network of 67,000 customers without power right now. and in northern virginia, down to 65,000. and we're pretty much seen across all of these electrical providers half, half, half half of what they were at the worst points during the storm. and let's take a look at pepco. this is the pepco service map and we actually can see is a spot there. a spot where there are no outages so we have one pocket in washington without power. in all these pockets that pepco serves the numbers are pretty good. the number of right now just went up a little bit -- number right now just went up a little bit. 6,742. and let's take a look at our folks out in frederick county we're hearing a lot from them because they have had a lot of outages there. and the connections have been a lot slower than the others that we've been watching. right now, in
implicated in a prost kugs scandal in colombia. >>> a woman in alexandria was sentenced to ten years in jail today for a deadly road rage incident. gloria mcmillan pleaded guilty to felony hit aupd run back in august. she got in an argument with 21ials harrington, a driver of another car. harrington is from mount vern none. mcmillan hit and dragged harrington under her suv. the victim's mother said ultimately the sentence doesn't matter. >> nothing can replace my daughter, bring her back. in a way, it doesn't matter. it's just a day, five years, ten years. at the end of the day, it don't matter. >> the defendant read an apology to the family before she was sentenced. because the prosecution only charged mcmillan with felony hit-and-run, the judge could not consider the death of the victim in that case. >>> this week a candidate was challenged over his 20-year-old arrest on a minor marijuana charge. half a dozen candidates are seeking the council. one of the personal issues emerging in this campaign. >> how do you support -- >> reporter: michael brown is running for re-election, holding one o
. bang. >> in springfield, peggy fox, 9news now. >> in alexandria, the lookout is for a man who tried to assault a young woman. it happened last night in holmes run parkway. the victim was walking in a nearby park when police say the suspect approached her and began to talk to her. that man then pulled her into a secluded area and tried to assault her. but she got away. still, alexandria police really need your help to track this man down, so if you know anything, give them a call. >>> new york police commissioner has agreed to restore a service revolver to one of the four officers involved in the shooting 13 years ago. an unarmed african immigrant. dialo was killed in a garage of bullets fired by police officers who mistook his wallet for a gun. he was hit 19 times. the officers were acquitted of any wrong doing. >>> a d.c. cop is suing two prince georges county cops and the county government. the lawsuit stems from the arrest of the officer, richard meritt, last saturday. the arresting officers used excessive force and committed civil rights violations. assault, battery, intentional
parking restrictions are suspended because of the holiday. in arlington and alexandria, there will also be no parking fees. same goes for prince george's county. drivers will still have to pay to park in montgomery county. schools and county offices are both open with normal hours. parking rules enforced in anne arundel and howard counties as well. >> covered all the bases there, didn't you? got it all in. >> i believe charles county and howard county schools are still open too. >> yes, they are. my kids will be at school today >> that's right. >> and they'll be bundling up this morning too. >> i hope they are. they don't listen to me, even when i tell them the weather. wear a nice warm jacket or even a coat. you could probably get by without the gloves this morning. >>> really this is the chill, the cold that came in this weekend. a lot of folks that were at the game, they know exactly. a lot of games going on. a loss of festivals too this past weekend. clouds out there this morning. already 46 the temperature. there's been a little patchy fog too down to the south areas around la plat
saw down at alexandria and the water was beginning to recede, the next high tide at alexandria is at 10:06 in the morning and the washington channel at 9:48. we'll have to watch the tidal potomac and all these streams and creeks, rappahannock, monacacy, all of them running high the next couple days. we have coastal flood warnings for the western shore of the bay and coastal advisories for the eastern side of the bay and oh, yes, it's chilly. you're probably thinking about turning on that furnace. i did. temperatures are expected to fall into the upper 30s tonight, so a chilly start for halloween, but we remain focused on the devastation that occurred with sandy especially for the jersey coast up into new york city with a record, an unprecedented surge. gary mcgrady is standing by to tell us more about what that did to new york and new jersey. >> thanks, sue. no doubt an unprecedented storm. you realize this storm was so big and we talked about that that at 1 point or another it's probably going to affect at least most of the eastern united states and today new jersey governor c
the thieves got away with a loss. -- with a lot. >> we go live to alexandria where there is still the potential for high water. >> the potomac is behind me, and it is where it should be, but there are some concerns. last night it overflowed. a lot of nail biting for businesses like this hoping stuff like this metal contraption and the sand bags would hold. for the most part, they did but they had to prepare. they took a lot of things like these wine bottles upstairs to make sure floodwaters could not get to it. fortunately, in the end, they did not need to do that, they said, but check out what it looked like last night. some say this is the worst flooding they have seen since the hurricane in 2003, which was much worse, but still, as i said, pretty bad. you can see tonight things are returning to normal. we have seen a lot of folks coming out wanting to celebrate halloween. there is actually a starbucks behind me right here that folks have been going in and out of all right. it had to shut down yesterday, but fortunately, it has been able to reopen, even though the waters came ri
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